Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well I'm definitely making progress. I've one little picture to finish (needs the missing threads) and two more to do and a couple of place names and then it's done. I just hope that the threads don't take too long to get here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cath,Great progress you will soon have a finish when th theards arrive

~Julie~ said...

*WOW*!! Cathe I had no idea you would progress so quickly! I need to hop around the blogs more often. =) It really is looking awesome, and I think I've said this before but I'll say it again--I reallllllly like the detail in the map! Sometimes you see maps and they are muted, or you cannot tell what the objects are. You can on this one and I just ♥ that!! Beautiful stitching!


Anonymous said...

Cath the map has progressed so quickly, you're needles must be smoking! I've really enjoyed watching the map progress. I'm glad your threads arrived so quickly, there will be no stopping you now!

Anonymous said...

You made such very quick work of this Cath - I will look forward to seeing your finish very soon!!