Friday, January 21, 2011

Black, Black and a bit of 310!

Yep! All I seem to have stitched this week is good old 310! Her hair is definately growing though! By the bottom of this page of chart I think the whole row is 310 so there is still plenty more to go.
But Dragonfly goes away now for a week while I stitch on the much neglected Enchanted Flute. There isn't too much to do to finish page 4 on this one so that is my aim for this week and the colours will definatley make a change to black.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas already?

I know, Christmas is only just over but if I don't make some early progress on the advent calender I don't think it will ever be finished! So here are numbers 6 and 7.

And here is my progress on Curl Up With a Good Book.

I am getting really torn between my three HAED projects so I'm going to try to do them on rotation but making Dragonfly my priority so the plan is (and knowing me it is subject to change!) one week Dragonfly, one week Enchanted Flute, one week Dragonfly, one week Curl Up one week Dragonfly etc. Advent calender - nights when DH is away.

Unfortuantly this leaves Celtic Summer out in the cold, so to speak and I'm trying to work out the best way to slot her in and make progress on things. Maybe she and Enchanted Flute should take it in turns as a few solid weeks work on her could see her finished. Anyway, solution to be decided on that one.

Happy stitching all.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Post Delivery and New Start

Look what arrived in the post yesterday! The missing threads for "Curl Up with a Good Book".

So I spent all of last night winding them on to bobbins and fitting them into my storage boxes in the right order, which involved moving nearly every one that was already in there. A long process but worth it.
As I thought though, I have been unable to resist starting Curl Up even though I didn't have all the threads. This is the first time I've gridded the fabric using a dressmakers pen. I've tried before using thread but didn't get on with the whole process but this is a god send. I tend to stitch cross country anyway so having the grids just makes that so much easier and more accurate. Anyway, here is the progress after one night's work.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's the first New Moon, so here is my jar of ORT's for the Totally Useless Stitch Along. Not a lot to show but this is just from the start of the year.
My fabric has arrived today ready for Curl Up with a Good Book, threads have been dispatched so I'm hoping they will be here tomorrow. But I do have some of the colours already, so I may just have to put a few stitches in tonight!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have had a good Christmas and that the next 12 months are kind to you. Is everybody making New Year's resolutions? I thought I would promise not to start another project until I've finished one, but as I've signed up for the HAED SAL and am just waiting for my materials to arrive, I know I don't stand a chance of keeping that one!

I thought a good way to start this year's blogging would be to take up to date photos of all my projects so that I can see where I am with everything and can record my progress at the end of the year. So here is Poppies as it stands at the moment (not a lot done!).

Then we have Enchanted Flute, good start so far (page 5, in think) but not been stitched on for some time.
Next is Dragonfly, still my favourite stitch and close to finishing page 8.

And then there is Cletic Summer. A good session on this and it could quite quickly be finished, relatively speaking, as she is the smallest project I've got on the go.

And, of course, there is the new start, a HAED quick stitch of Curl up with a good book. This won't be the whole chart but just a small part of it, hence quick stitch! Nothing to show of yet but I'm sure the first stitch will go in as soon as the material arrives.
I've started my new ort jar for the TUSAL (actually it's the same one as last time I've just emptied it and started again) a picture will be posted on 4 January (the first new moon).
Here's to a good year everybody, may you all be happy and healthy!