Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Enchanted Flute

This week's stitching has been dedicated to Enchanted Flute and there is good progress to show on it. I'm still waiting for the butterfly to make an appearance but I'm sure it will before this page is finished. The stitching is now the full width of page three so I guess I've got about ¼ of the page done (allowing for all the confetti stitches).
I'm still really enjoying this but it is going to go away now this week and I will spend the week on Tatty Teddy. Then it really depends on how he is progressing as to whether I go back to this or continue with him - or maybe I should spend some time with my Celtic Lady or even visit my Poppy Fields. Oh dear too many BAPs on the go and not enough time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I recently bought two Mill Hill kits as something small and different to do. This first one was a Tiny Treasured Diamond called Icy Snowflake. I had seen this one last year and liked the look of it so I gave in this time and bought it. It actually stitched up really quickly, only taking me three days to get it done.

I also bought Orchid Tassel which is stitched on paper which I've not used before. I let you know how it turns out. I've not started it yet.

At last I've managed to finish page 2 of Enchanted Flute. The next page of the chart gets a lot lighter as there is a clear change in the colours. I'll be moving on to the butterfly soon.

Tatty Ted is still continuing. I shall be making him top priority now. I've finished all the numbers down the side and am working on the second of the three teddies. I'll post a pic when there is a bit more to show.
Thank you for visiting.