Monday, April 27, 2009

The Lady Returns

Yep! I've got her back. Celtic Winter is home from the framers. Yes it was expensive, but they have done a great job! I've had to take the pic from an angle otherwise all you'll see is the reflection but you get the idea.And here is an update on Enchanted Flute. There is progress, really! This is really my main project at the moment, and I'm not stitching much else, so posts will be slow for a while. I'm still really loving doing it though - just as well as there's another 23 pages of chart to go.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Disaster and a Solution

Ok, maybe disaster is a bit dramatic, but it got your attention!!

The Disaster - You see, I was merrily stitching away on Enchanted Flute when the highlighter that I use to mark of my stitching ran out. Well the design is so full of confetti stitching that I didn't dare continue to stitch until I had another highlighter. It would have been asking for trouble to stitch on that without marking it. But what to do? I couldn't spend the evening without stitching.

The Solution - So I started Celtic Summer. Naturally. I mean, if I can't stitch on one BAP, I'll just start another. Can't say I got a lot done but it is a start.

(That's the top of the back of her skirt if you see what I mean!)

I am now going to do weekly rotations of the two. So today until next Wednesday is Enchanted Flute, then a week of Celtic Summer.
Oh, and I took Celtic Winter to be framed today. Gulp! HOW MUCH! If she doesn't look stunning when she comes back ..............

Monday, April 13, 2009

Doggy Finish

It seems to have been ages since I posted anything, but I do have a finish to show you all. Remember the black and white stitching I had you all guessing over? Well the Golden Retriever has finally materialised. Here he is completed and framed in all his glory, ready to go to my DH's grandmother for her 92 birthday later this week.
I've also completed the Round Robin piece and sent that on. I've now got the next one to stitch and will crack on with that next week.
Yesterday, I managed to put in quite a bit of time on Enchanted Flute. There are so many confetti stitches that all though I've probably done another4-500 stitches, no more of the pattern is showing. I'll give it another couple of sessions before I post another pic, that way there should be more to show in general.
Hope everybody has had a great easter break. Now back into the garden to make the most of this lovely weather! Ironing? What Ironing? That can wait for tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Wow, it is a glorious day today. It's a shame I've been stuck in an office for most of it.

My stitching progresses - here is the completed page one of Enchanted Flute.

I ordered the rest of the threads for this the other day so ordered the fabric and threads that I need for Celtic Summer while I was at it. Now, if I could leave Enchanted Flute alone for long enough I could make a start on it.

The golden retriever is also coming along, and is begining to look recognisable. I'll try to post a pic towards the end of the weekend so you can see the progress for yourselves.

The round robin is almost done, I've run out of thread so I will need to get some more, just not quite sure when! Does anybody know how close DMC is to Anchor? If I swap mid stitching will it show?

Lets hope this wonderful weather continues over the weekend and we get lots of lovely, bright sunshine for stitching in!