Friday, January 7, 2011

Post Delivery and New Start

Look what arrived in the post yesterday! The missing threads for "Curl Up with a Good Book".

So I spent all of last night winding them on to bobbins and fitting them into my storage boxes in the right order, which involved moving nearly every one that was already in there. A long process but worth it.
As I thought though, I have been unable to resist starting Curl Up even though I didn't have all the threads. This is the first time I've gridded the fabric using a dressmakers pen. I've tried before using thread but didn't get on with the whole process but this is a god send. I tend to stitch cross country anyway so having the grids just makes that so much easier and more accurate. Anyway, here is the progress after one night's work.


Bev said...

i tried parking and nope not for me i cross stitch and it is so much better, need to try and get a pen takes too long with threads. good start on 'Curl up'

demeter83 said...

Curl up with a good book is an adorable chart, so I hope you enjoy stitching it.
I quite like griding, although I've got magic thread (which I've gone completely blank on the name of) it's kinda plasticy so you cant accidently stitch it in. Having said that, I'm starting a HAED in the next few weeks, and I intend to use fabric pen for that, cos it's bound to make it to tight for stitching on tiny counts!

Stitching Noni said...

Knew you wouldn't be able to resist starting before the threads arrived! Good start..

I do find it interesting to see how stitchers grid for their HAED's and large charts. I always start in the middle but as yet I haven't tackled a chart anywhere near as big as a HAED - that is one of my goals for 2011 though. I have bought the DMC easy count stuff so will give that a try before attempting to grid with a pen.

Look forward to seeing the next update

Ziggyeor said...

Yeah I'm glad you got your threads!