Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Piece of Hardanger

I've actually finished my first ever piece of Hardanger. It is a bookmark and, on the whole, I'm fairly pleased with it. The cutting out isn't too tidy and I seem to have managed to cut the stitching thread in a couple of places. Also, you can still see the cut threads against the kloster blocks. If anybody know anything about hardanger and has any tips for the future, please let me know. I'd definately like to give it another go.

I presented my Dad with the finished map yesterday and I'm pleased to say he really loved it. He knew all the places on it and started telling tales of boating holidays - all a good sign.


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely ,I have only just learnt myself but if I can help at all,just ask! :0)

Anonymous said...

Cath - that's lovely...and very brave!!

Glad your Dad enjoyed the map so much, I bet it made all that strict stitching worth it!

~Julie~ said...

Wowww! Cath that is just lovely!! You did a fantastic job, and it certainly doesn't look like a beginner job! I haven't attempted hardanger yet--I'm too chicken. =D


Rachel S said...

It looks very pretty. Apparently the cut threads will fall back into the kloster blocks after a while. I stressed about them too, til I saw a Mary Hickmott design with them poking through. I figure if she has poky threads, the rest of us can too, and yours is gorgeous and cheery.