Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Little Finish

I've had a hectic weekend (I know it's Wednesday but it's taken until now to catch up with life). We had friends to stay and us six girls did the Race for Life in Bristol in memory of the Mum of two of them - God bless you Auntie Jenny. We only walked as only one of us was in any condition to even attempt to run it, but we kept up the pace and completed the 5k in 55mins. We were quite literely the last ones to start and overtook quite a lot on the way round so we feel quite pleased with ourselves anyway. The rest of the weekend was taken up with plenty of drinking and eating, so any benefit of walking that far was soon cancelled out.

Anyway, back to stitchy things. I finished this little pillow yesterday. It was ment to be a quick stitch but due to other things getting in the way has taken me about 5 weeks!

I'm still working away on Fruit Smoothie - it really shouldn't be too long now for a finish on that as well.


~Julie~ said...

ooh. Great finish, Cath! I adore tulips, and those are fantastic! Whimsical designs are my favorite(s).

I had to let out an audible

: gigglesnort :

When I read about how all the food canceled out all the walking; twas funny! I am glad you went--good for you! =)


Jacky said...

Well done all of you on completing Race for Life ;)
Cute tulips, too!

Anonymous said...

Real cute finish!! :)

And well done to you and your friends for completing the Race For Life!

Anonymous said...

Well done on doing the Race for Life ,we (DD + Me) didn't do it this year,:0( but great that you did it,and you certainly you deserved all the food and drink!!

Anonymous said...

Oops Congrats on the finish too!!