Thursday, May 8, 2008

April Juggy Bug

I've finished the April Juggy Bug square. These are such lovely quick stitches, I'm really enjoying them. Have to get the threads needed for the May square and then I can do that one.

Going to make some more progress on the map now. It's so nearly there. Just hope Dad's going to like it!


~Julie~ said...

Hiya Cath. I can't sleep so I am up poking around the blogs! You're doing marvelous work on the quilt squares! It gives me warm fuzzies every time I see you've finished one. =) Thanks!!

I can't WAIT to see the finished Map though--I've been watching your progress and I really like it!! The detail within each area keeps amazing me. Your stitching is lovely (as usual). I will miss seeing it in your WIP updates though! =(


Anonymous said...

Your squares are looking good Cath, I just love stitching them too. hopefully I'm going to have the time to work on my squares today

Anonymous said...

Looking great, good luck with May, looks like another fun stitch :)