Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hardanger Update

I thought it was time I updated you on the progress of my first Hardanger piece. As I said before, this is not top of my list and actually keeps falling off it (lol). However, progress is being made and I've actually done the first bit of cutting (that took courage and I lost count of how many times I checked everything before I actually snipped those threads). But here it is.

I've placed in on yellow paper for the photograph to try to make the cut areas clearer to see. Anyway, I'm really enjoying the piece and looking forward to being able to put some more time in on it.

I'm still awaiting delivery of my stash items. I hoped they might be here today, but I guess that was pushing it really. Hopefully they'll be here tomorrow.

Tuesday today so UFO night. I think I'm going to pull the Bouquet for Cheryl out and try Rachael's idea of the white pillow case.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good Cath, and glad to see you're feeling brave with the cutting :)