Monday, April 21, 2008

Forgotten Discovery ...

DH went up into the attic over the weekend to put some stuff away and came down with a piece of stitching I had completely forgotten about. It's a piece of crewel work of a bunny rabbit and basket of flowers that I abandoned years ago.

I'm trying to remember when I last worked on it. We've lived in this house for 9 years and it's been up there all that time. My eldest is 10½ and I think I put it away well before she was born. Do you know, it could be as long as 12 years since I stitched on this. Could it be the oldest UFO?

Will I finish it? Well that's a good question. What the photo doesn't show is how badly mottled the fabric is, it was only stored in a carrier bag which broke as DH got it down from the attic. The thing is, I'm loving my cross stitch and don't know if I really want to do crewel work again. Also, I'm not so keen on the design anymore - too cutesey (sp?). Of course, I couldn't possibly throw it out, so for now I think it will just go in my UFO pile and, who knows, maybe it will win a record for the longest WIP ever? lol.

The map is going great guns now, I'll post an updated pic tomorrow.

As for the weekend, well Gemma had her sleepover - four girls in one room, not a lot of sleeping went on! Plenty of giggling, but not much sleeping. Then on Sunday we went to my three year old niece's birthday party (give me for 8 year olds anyday!). I forgot how tireing and how much hard work they are at that age and it really wasn't all that long ago.

Anyway, happy stitching all and thanks for dropping by.

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~Julie~ said...

Oh Cathe what a TREASURE!! I really like that bunny wabbit--so precious! I am glad your DH found it, and I'm sure the little bunny is happy to be out of the attic. It reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit story. =)