Monday, April 28, 2008


Just realised that I've got three days (four evenings) to get the map finished. Progress is definately happening but it's going to be ever so tight. I'm going to have a big session on it tonight to make up for yesterday. We bought a Wii for the children (supposedly!) but DH and I spent all last night on it. I beat him at Tennis - very satisfying. And I just love the boxing. We had hours of fun and loads of laughs but not a lot of stitching.

Anyway, here is it's current situation and a couple of close ups. Hope to have loads more progress to show soon.


Anonymous said...

I hope you manage to finish it,if not what about a Giving an IOU until it is finished!
The Wii is fairly addictive,although it was bought for me and DH(kids have there own consoles) the kids are on it more than us!

Anonymous said...

Cath I can't believe how fast you've stitched the map, i do hope you get it finished in time, but I'm sure the recipient won't mind waiting a few days for such a wonderful gift!