Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life's a B.....

We've had bad news in the family this week - it looks like hubby will be out of a job before long. This is worrying from a finiancial point of view and he is currently going all out to find another one. This does mean that we've put a hold on all non-essential spending (and this, of course, includes stitching supplies). So I appologise now for all those SAL's I said I'd do but I'm going to have to pull out. I still want to do them and hopefully this situation won't last too long and then, maybe, I can catch up with you all.

However, until then I still have plenty of projects on the go. I'm over halfway through a wabbit for the charity squares at Stitch Clubs; I've only done part one of How Does your Garden Grow and there are six parts available; Boquet for Cheryl has become a UFO and is three quarters done, and then, of course, there's my Celtic Lady which is enough to keep me going for quite some time on her own.

Here is an update of the Lady herself.

Long and the short of the whole thing is, that I will still be around if a little less active on the SAL front (which hubby would think is a good thing anyway! lol).


Miss 376 said...

Hope the situation improves quickly. At least you will have the perfect opportunity to get all these projects finished. This looks like a lovely project to work on

Erynne said...

I'm so sorry to read about your troubles and the worries that it's causing. I'm sending many positive vibes your way that this will work itself out very soon.
You're right Cathe, family's well-being & finances must come first.
Enjoy your stitching; your Lady is lovely.


~Julie~ said...

Cath I'm very sorry to hear of your family's current situation. We will of course be praying for you and sending warm fuzzies & hopes for a quick financial recovery for you and yours.