Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to Black

After a nudge from Rachael (Brokenfairy ) I have picked up my Boquet for Cheryl again. It's been quite a while now, officially a UFO I feel. However, lighter nights have ment faster progress and this is now rapidly approaching a finish. I still plan to turn it into a cushion for the "play room".

I plan to concentrate on this for now and get the finish under my belt. Then probably back to Celtic Winter. My MIL has her eye on the HDYGG design so I'll gift that to her when it's finished.


Anonymous said...

Wow ,not much left,I am glad you have picked it up again,it is such a stunning colour,and it pops off the black.

Pumpkin said...

You're almost done! Keep at it :o) That color looks stunning on the black but then again, I love anything done on black.

I forgot to mention that I love your name CathE because everyone calls me Cathey with an E :o)

Miss 376 said...

The colour is fantastic, will make a lovely cushion