Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stash Order

I've got nothing to show at the moment - although boquet for cheryl is progressing quite nicely now. BUT..... I've just placed an order from 123 Stitch for the Lavender and Lace Celtic Winter design, material, threads and beads. It's got to come from the states so might take a while but I've had confirmation that it's all been sent. Really excited now. Will be stalking the postman from Monday! If you don't know the design there's a pic here . I've been drooling over other people's stitching of the Celtic Lady designs and been dreaming of it for ages and I've finally gone for it.

What amazed me was, that even with a $10 postage charge I still saved about £8 on the total for all the stuff. Don't you just love the current UK/US exchange rate!

I've also signed up for a Christmas in July exchange. Got a few ideas bubbling away, but will wait to see who my partner is first.


Anonymous said...

She is such a beauty Cath - I think you will have a lot of fun stitching her...even though I am not far along on my Christmas, the charts, though quite a large piece, are in nice sized blocks of colour for the most part. Winter is so pretty, I want to add her to my collection one day :) Good saving on the overseas shopping, it's surprising isn't it like you say, even taking postage into account, still much cheaper to buy from the US than home!! I had to buy 7 thread for Tut' the other day...I could have bought threads for the whole pattern for the price I paid for just those few locally if I hadn't minded the wait!!

CathE said...

The wait is the only draw back! But I've waited this long so.... Threads from Thread Bear arrived today though, so happy for now.