Friday, June 27, 2008

Celtic Lady Start

Well here it is. The start of my Celtic Winter lady. I am so enjoying this one. All I can think about is when I can next pick up the needle.

I've just ordered some beading needles, invisible thread and Thread Heaven, which, if I'm lucky, will be here today. As expected the gold thread frays as I stitch and I've heard people talk about Thread Heaven so thought I'd give it a go.

I've not put any beads on yet. I've not done any real beading before and I'm not sure whether to do it as I go along or wait until the end. I'd like to do them as I go along but I'm worried they'd get caught or broken in the hoop. What little beading I have done in the past I've used a normal needle but I thought this project was worth buying a beading needle for, so again it will be interesting to see if it's really any different. Anyway, can't wait to do some more this afternoon (hopefull), must finish work and clean bathroom first :(

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Anonymous said...

Great start Cath,You will have your finished before mine! I would recommend leaving the beads to last as I can see you use a frame and that would cause problems,but it is entirely up to you!!