Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Start at Hardanger

I've always thought that the hardanger designs are so beautiful and I've now managed to find a free beginners design courtesy of India Grace's Yahoo Group. So I've made a start.

It's not much yet and I know it's going to be a slow project - just because it's not top of my list. I think it's a little untidy at the moment but I guess that's because I'm learning new stitches (I can't expect it to be perfect first time).

I've done a lot of work on the Blackwork Challenge and it is very close to completion. I should have something to show quite soon. Everything else has come to a halt for now as I want to finish this first.


Johanna said...

Good start, I hope you will enjoy hardanger, look forward to seeing your progress :)

Rachael said...

How are you getting on with the hardanger?