Friday, March 7, 2008

Blackwork Challenge

I've done some more on the Tams Creations black work challenge.

I've made a mistake in that I've added an extra line to the "stars", but I was half way round before I realised and I like how it looks so I've left them as they are. It's very addictive. I keep thinking "I'll just finish this thread then get on with something else" and then I look at it and think "I'll just finish this pattern and then get on with something else." and then there's thread left on the needle so I go back to my original thought and so it goes on.

I've also done some work on the spring swop. All still a secret of course!


Johanna said...

Cath - you just described EXACTLY the same things I say to myself too!! Your blackwork is beautiful - that is such a pretty shade of blue, and your stars with extra lines are very pretty ;)

Lolotte said...

Lovely - want to know a little secret? I did full stars too.