Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eye Eye!

Well one eye anyway. I've finished page 5 of Dragonfly. I've taken a week off work this week to be with the children and they've dissapeared with their friends all day, leaving me with the time to stitch - what a luxury. No don't remind me about all the chores I should have been doing!

I'm really impressed with how the eye has turned out. It's got so much depth to it, I couldn't see it while I was stitching but as soon as I stepped back from her Wow. And that's not blowing my own trumpet it's all credit to the charters at HAED and, of course, the original artist, Selina Fenech.


Sheila said...

WOW !!!!!!she is coming along great and yes I agree with you the depth of the eye is awesome.

Pumpkin said...

Fantastic! Yes I agree with you on the eye :o)

Blu said...

Wow! She's stunning! They're such a ton of detail in her!