Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Little Finsh and Some Fun

Most of my stitching time recently has been taken up with "Enchanted Flute" which is actually starting to show some progress. I'm keen to continue on this for now as I'm sure I will lose enthusiasm at some stage, so want to do as much as I can now.

However, I was having a little sort out (or rather through, as nothing actually goes out!) and realised I had rather a lot of WIP's and it was time I finished one. So here it is, a little biscornu. It still needs a button, but I don't have anything suitable at the moment. I'm not sure that the green colour really works but otherwise, I quite like it.

And now for the fun! I came across The Totally Useless SAL link from Rachael's Blog and thought I'd join in. I can't justify a purpose bought jar, so I'm making do with an old Honey Jar. The idea is to keep all your orts in the jar, and then post an update pic on each new moon showing how much you have collected. (Next post is 26 March).


Anonymous said...

Cute biscornu!!
My jars are from sweets,and coffee jars(Douwe Egberts)
LOL perfect excuse to buy them as otherwise I tell hubby that I'd have to buy empty jars which is daft!! LOL

Miss 376 said...

Lovely biscornu. Love the SAL! Think the kids would rather I fill the empty jars with jam rather than orts

Daffycat said...

It's a really pretty biscornu! I quite like the honey ORT jar.

Yoyo said...

Popping by to welcome you to the Totally Useless SAL. Love the jar. Thanks for joining us. Keep on stitching and filling up that jar -- there's a Totally Useless Prize at the end (LOL).

Love the biscornu and I think the green is lovely.

Anonymous said...

lovely biscornu, i think the green looks ok
I'm in the sal too, it's rather silly , but you just got to join in lol

wendy said...

So pretty!! and I need to do my useless SAL pic soon

Wendy said...

Great biscornu!! Congrats on your finish!

Pumpkin said...

Your Biscornu is lovely Cathe!

I think the Ort idea is brilliant! I might have to search out a jar since I can't set up my usual Ort bag where I am now :o(