Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stitching Progress!

At last I have something to show you all. It's not a finished piece of work but it sure show progress. How Does Your Garden Grow! I've now stitched this up to part eight. Part nine has been released and I hope to stitch that shortly.

I'm still missing beads on this, partly because I don't have any yet and partly because I would leave them to the end anyway. Each part stitches up really quickly and I'm enjoying learning all the speciality stitches.

Back to the hospital tomorrow to get DD's plaster changed. She's been in school yesterday and today and managed OK although she can't actually right anything. They let her use the computer to do her work, although even that is slow going with just her left hand to type with.


becca said...

This is looking great. Can't wait to see part 9 stitched onto it.

Miss 376 said...

This is coming along very nicely. Glad your daughter is ok

Pumpkin said...

It's beautiful Cath! I love seeing the variation in this one :o)

Hope DD is getting better bit by bit. That must be hard to just use your left hand :oS