Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to it!

Life has got so mad recently, what happened to all my stitchy time? I'm sorry to everybody that I've not been around much but I hope to get back with it now and get up-to-date on all your blogs.

We had a slight disaster on Sunday, in that eldest daughter (10) managed to fall off her scooter and break her right arm. We got to the A&E at 8.50pm and got home at 2.30am - yep that's right nearly 6 hours in casualty. She's got a temp cast on at the moment which will be replaced with one of those fancy light ones on Friday. It was all a bit traumatic and we're both really tired so I'm off to bed in a moment.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your continued visits and watch this space for a proper stitchy update soon.

Ta Ta for now.


Pumpkin said...

Oh no! I hope she's alright. Sounds like you've definitely had your hands full.

Miss 376 said...

Hope she recovers quickly. You can get some lovely colour plasters these days. when I broke my ankle, my niece wanted me to have fluorescent pink!

Anonymous said...

It is a pain when real life gets in the way of stitchy
But I hope your DD is ok and has she chosen which colour plaster she wants yet?