Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Lady Progresses

All I've been working on recently is my Celtic Winter lady and, on the whole, I'm really enjoying her. I've hit a tough bit at the moment using the whisper thread, a fluffy white one. It uses two strand of whisper and one of DMC which makes it so thick to work with, combined with the fluffyness of it, it's just a real struggle. Thankfully there's not much more of it to do but my heart sinks each time I think about it. I've decided that I'll do one needle's worth of work in the whisper and then one of plain DMC and alternate. Hopefully it will soon be done then and it won't put me off the project.


Anonymous said...

Oh loads of progress,she looks wonderful.At this rate you'll soon have her done.
Luckily,I don't have that thread with Celtic Spring,I will have to wait until it is her turn to work on her in my Rotation.

starydreamer said...

oh she looks wonderful you know it will be all worthwhile when you look at her finished :-)