Saturday, July 19, 2008

How does your garden grow?

I've decided that I need a small project to take away on holiday. Cletic Winter is just to big and detailed for the confines of a narrow boat. So I'm going to give How does you garden grow? a go. I'm going to do the speciality version and teach myself some new stitches. The fabric I'm stitching it on is an off cut from the Juggy Bug piece and is just big enough, leaving me with very little to finish it, so I will have to be creative about that when the time comes.

Anyway here is a pic of work so far (not a lot!)

And, just to keep you all in the picture, here is Celtic Winter as she is now.
I've also been working on the July Juggy Bugs which is very nearly finished. I'll try to finish that off today, before we go away and if I have time I'll update later.


Anonymous said...

Oh well done you on starting the Papillion HDYGG,Colours you are using look great.
Wow you have certaintly got loads done on Celtic lady.
Have a great Holiday,Where are you off to?

CathE said...

A week on a canal boat, starting near Leamington Spa

~Julie~ said...

Cath! I really like the How Does Your Garden Grow progress! I agree with Rachael, the colors you're using are terrific!

The Celtic beauty is coming along very nicely! I know you're going to have her finished in no time! =) Have a wonderfully beautiful time on vacation!


Anonymous said...

I have an award for you,see my blog!

Jacky said...

Can't wait to see how you've done when you get back, Cath - looks like you picked a great week for weather!