Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting Festive

I hope you all had a good time at haloween. My children when out trick or treating and came back with enough sweets to keep them going until Christmas. They thought it was very successful.

Over the last few weeks, when Hubby has been away of an evening, I've taken a break from Dragonfly and continued to stitch on the Advent calender. I've now finished through to No. 5 and No.6 just need the backstitch adding. Hopefully, I'll finish that tonight.

I'm still not sure how I'm going to finish them, I was going to cut them out, fray the edges and sew onto littlebags that I was going to make, but now I'm not so sure (just because of the work really). I've stitched them all onto one piece of fabric so they will have to be cut out and turned into something. Any inspiring ideas greatfully accepted. Although why I'm worrying about finishing them at the moment is beyond me - it's taken nearly two years to stitch this many!


Claire said...

They look fab.You could cut them out and stitch them all on to a big bit of fabric, so the tops are open like pockets.

Blu said...

They look great! No idea on how to finish it. Good luck.