Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Week's Progress

This past week has been spent on Enchanted Flute again. I've got about half way through page three of the chart and the butterfly is begining to show.

So, it's gone away now for another week and Tatty Ted has come back out. I know they are all I seem to show at the moment, but then they are all I stitch on! I can't put Enchanted Flute down, and Tatty Ted has a deadline so I'm forced to make room for him. However, hubby is away one night this week so I might just get the advent stuff back out, although there is no chance of that being done for this christmas now - after all I'm still only on number 3!

Happy stitching to all, may the frog stay away, and thank you for visiting.


Anonymous said...

Great progress Cath, I know what you mean about the advent pieces I haven't touched mine in ages

Pumpkin said...

You are making such fantastic progress on this one Cathe!

Goodlife2go said...

Wow, you are nearly there. What a speed!

pv said...

This is incredible. I am amazed when people work on such complex pieces.