Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Moon

Well it was last week anyway. My excuse for, once again, being late with the Totally Useless SAL is that we were away. (Which is actually true!). So here is my jar as it stands now.

It's amazing how the stuff keeps on going in although the jar appears to be full.

For our week away, I decided to take Celtic Summer with me. I looked out all the threads (except two which I don't appear to have - I could have swarn I ordered them all!). I bagged everything up carefully, put them in the case - and then left it all in the car for the week! Ooops!

So progress isn't as good as it should be, but she is definately coming along.

I think I really need to devise some kind of rotation to my stitching. That way, something might get finished and I might see some reall progress with stuff. For now, I think it is back to Tatty Teddy as I do have a deadline for him (even if it's January).

Hope everybody is keeping well, and happy stitching to all.


Pumpkin said...

She's beautiful Cathe! You'll see more progress on her in no time ;o)

Hope you had a good time away.

Miss 376 said...

What lovely colours, she is going to be beautiful

Daffycat said...

ORT jars can hold a truly amazing amount of stuff! Your ORTs are is your stitching!

Karen said...

Great progress on your SAL.