Friday, February 13, 2009

A Bag and Snow

This is a little bag that I stitched for a friend who is a card maker. She had bought the kit some time ago as a card topper but hasn't got round to stitiching it. So, I've stitched it for her. Sorry the pic is out of focus, but I only took one photo and it's gone back to her now. It was a fun little stitch.

I've been give an award by Rachael which I am very honoured to receive. I shall give the idea some thought and then pass it on.

I pomised a pic of the snow here. Well I was suddenly late for work and by the time I got home the whole lot had gone. We did have more on the Thursday, and the closed the school but again it was gone by the end of the day. The children weren't happy about school being closed either as the eldest was supposed to be going on a school trip and the youngest had her class assembley. They did enjoy playing in it though!

Oh - and great guess by Pumpkin. It is indeed a dog - a Golden Retreiver to be exact. Well done - give yourself a pat on the back.


Pumpkin said...

So cute!

I was right???? I thought it was a Great Dane. LOL!

Miss 376 said...

The bag is delightful. Our snow has been around for nearly two weeks, but it is melting rapidly today, we have glorious sunshine

Anonymous said...

Cute bag,what a great friend you are!!
Oh it was a doggy!! Cool

Lelia said...

Very cute stitched bag! We have had too much snow this winter -- want some of ours? Most is melting off - yet I hear more in the forecast for tues/weds.